The Ideazon Zboard Gaming Keyboard Reviewed: The Best Gaming Keyboard for the Money?

If you’re still using a standard, traditional keyboard for your gaming, then you’re likely missing out on many of the features that modern gaming keyboards offer. Serious PC gamers know that while the standard keyboard that most people are accustomed to may be fine for internet use and word processing, it’s often less than ideal for the demands of hardcore gaming sessions.
As more and more PC users spend time honing their skills as gamers, a variety of specialized gaming keyboards have become available to meet their needs. Perhaps one of the best known is the Zboard offered by Ideazon. Marketed as the “Ultimate Gaming Keyboard”, the Zboard offers a wide range of features specifically designed for gamers including a unique modular keyset system.

That the Zboard remains a popular keyboard despite the fact that it’s been available for some time is perhaps an indication of its versatility and quality. While other keyboards are available from brand names that might be more recognized by average consumers, the Zboard was arguably the first keyboard of its kind specifically tailored for and marketed to gamers and gamers alone. If you’re wondering just what makes the Zboard an excellent choice for gamers, here are some of the features that set it apart from any other old plain keyboard.

Modular: Swap out keysets on the fly

The feature that may initially surprise most consumers the most is the Zboard’s modular design. The keys of the keyboard are actually part of two distinct detachable sets that can easily be removed and attached any time you want. The keysets are distinguished by their alternate layouts with one keyset having the traditional, classic keyboard layout that all computer users are familiar with, and a second keyset specifically designed for gamers. Each section conveniently folds for ease of storage and transport, and swapping out the keysets is a cinch.

The standard keyset is ideal for typing, word-processing, and standard computer and internet tasks, so the Zboard is perfectly functional as a standard keyboard. The second keyset is where the action is and it’s what PC gamers will find themselves using during gaming sessions.

The Gaming Keyset

This keyset features a set of directional controls which correspond to the the “WASD” keys, well-known as the classic movement configuration for games of all kinds, in large red colors as the central focus of the left hand side of the keyset.

More than just WASD…

The movement keys are surrounded by an extremely convenient layout of numerical keys which would map to the classic weapon layouts that are ubiquitous in PC gaming these days. To the right and left of the movement keys are clearly labeled buttons intended to be mapped to run/walk, reload, use, and crouch functions which are essentially universal and extremely handy to have quick and easy access to. Since it can be a major annoyance to memorize letters that are assigned to various functions in any of the games you might play, the Zboard’s clearly labeled and cleverly placed keys make in-game control a real breeze.

Currently selling for $49 USD via, the Zboard really is a must-own for any serious PC gamer. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever played without it.

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